“Ditch the spreadsheets and Audit with confidence.”

AuditWise is a cloud-based auditing platform that enables you to score and assess anything, and quickly highlight areas of improvement, easily and intuitively.

Create Positive Experiences

Each time your agents interact with customers, they have the opportunity to create a positive customer experience that can impact business reputation and inspire loyalty. Conversely, your agents can also deliver an experience that will send customers into the hands of your competitors.

  • How do you make sure that your agents are delivering the right outcome for your customers?
  • Are they using the right words?
  • Are they saying what they should be?
  • Is the tone of delivery appropriate?

Enter stage left "Auditwise" the flexible tool built originally for call and interaction auditing. Now expanded for Any business auditing requirements. Using customised scorecards and auditing tools you can retrieve insight into the health of your customer interactions and business state.

Customised Dashboards And Configurable Systems

One solution very rarely fits all businesses. Unlike our competitors we don't force you to work our way, we adjust to work your way by allowing you to customise the dashboards and scoring mechanisms

  • Customised dashboards
  • Dynamic scoring mechanism
  • Integrates into everything
“We pride ourselves in providing best in class support, and our integrated support tools ensure you are never left waiting.”

Our onboarding process is the best in the industry. No calls , webinars or walkthroughs needed. We guide you through the setup process in a few simple sign up screens. And have you running your first audit in minutes not days!

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Instant Setup

Instant Setup No phone calls, no hassle, just instant setup with a seamless onboarding process. Prividing fast results when you need them.

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<p>Dynamic Scoring Mechanism</p>
<p>In-depth analytics</p>

Quality assurance isn’t linear, the days of “P&Qs” and open and close are over, customer satisfaction, NPS, online reviews drive your reputation and customers will rate you on how they felt during an interaction, not on which boxes your advisor ticked.

Equally, compliance and protecting the customer's personal information is more important than ever to protect both your customer and your business.

What our customers say
“Our experience with Auditwise has been very satisfactory and successful. It is a fast understanding tool in the programming of scorecards. Because of its simplicity and, at the same time, dynamism, technology and avant-garde proposal, the process and evaluation period, allows us, in a short time, to have been able to decide what was the tool we needed in our quality department. Jumpstart helped us rise above all and conquer.
Rafa Sades
Call Centre de mexico
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You need Auditwise in your life! But don't take our word for it. Have a month on us and see if its everything we say it is. All you have to loose is time and if you don't fall in love with the platform in the time it takes to drink a coffee then let us know and we will expend your trial and spend the time you need to see just how good Auditwise is.

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